These days can feel very heavy, scary and in some cases hopeless. Young and old are in many ways sharing the same feelings and experiencing similar emotions. Both adults and children are living in a kind of limbo. We are all waiting for something without really knowing what it is. All we know is that Read More

Creativity is a strange thing. It only seems to naturally spring from someone, as if that person had an innate gift, but it is much more complex than that. It is true that some of us were born with an artistic inclination to turn the most ordinary into extraordinary. It is also true that, where Read More

The term “impossible” comes from the Latin adjective impossibilis. The prefix im– means not. So, not possible. That’s what you picture in your mind when your eyes meet the word impossible: something beyond the bounds of possibility, something unattainable. Maybe even something implausible or unbelievable and absurd. But that same prefix, if we slip an apostrophe between the I Read More

Mental health is something so important. But strangely enough, it’s also something that is very stigmatized in most Countries. Listed Night Owls wants to make people more aware of anything mental health and mental illness related. Today, on April 27th, we therefore participated in the annual Ångestloppet, the “Anxiety Race”, which took place in Gävle, Read More